Part 4 – Substrates

Welcome to the final installment of our series looking in-depth at everything SpeedPro Centreville.

Now, last but not least we take a look at the different types of materials – substrates that we print on and some of their different uses –

  • Banners: Fabric, Mesh, Vinyl
  • Corrugated plastic
  • Lightweight plastic options – Foamcore, PVC…
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl and wall mural panels
  • Carpet Tile, Ceiling Tiles etc.
  • Labels & Stickers
  • Temporary to permanent cement and exterior applications.

As previously mentioned, we print BIG and we have the imagination to match!

Substrate display board
We put together this tactile substrate station to show the different looks and feel of the materials available.

We provide printed solutions! With our ability to print on a rigid substrate or a roll of material, we can provide you with a wide range of substrate options needed for all situations.

When it comes to external projects where moisture and weather conditions will need to be considered for the material used and our UV inks provide a long lifespan with any exterior signage and its exposure to sunlight. We are able to provide cost-effective alternatives to enable you to have the desired outcome you imagined.

Where and how a sign or banner or graphic is going to be installed will also need to be considered when we look at providing the right material for the job. Nails, brackets or grommets, we will discuss this at the early stages and steer you in the right direction!

This concludes our 4 part series, detailing the different aspects of Speedpro Centreville and the products and services we provide and the industries who benefit.

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If you would like more information on how to start a project with us or receive an estimate then just send us an email to to get started!


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