April Newsletter – It starts with giving


At SpeedPro Centreville we want to forge long-lasting relationships with our clients and in our community. And during March we worked hard to implement that ethos and we commit to continue working with that philosophy each and every month!

Raising the Roof gala benefiting Helping Haitian Angels

With over $160,000 raised and 5 children fully sponsored for the next year, the Raising the Roof gala was definitely a huge success! This annual gala supports the work of Helping Haitian Angels, a charitable organization established in 2008, that has developed a community in Haiti.

This year’s focus was to raise funds to build a church for the children, as well as the wider community who also flock to the village to attend.

After visiting herself, studio owner Amy will also have a special connection to this passion project and we were delighted to assist with the event display signage.


Volunteering with Assistance League of Northern Virginia

This wonderful organization meets monthly at Dominion Virginia Power in Herndon to pack non-perishable food items, which are then delivered to local schools as part of the Weekend Food for Kids program. With 1 in 6 children at risk for hunger in Northern Virginia alone, this is clearly a worthy cause, and with a team of volunteers, they have delivered 13,556 bags of food during the last school year!


Did you know?

Our neighbors in Flannery Court, House of Mercy is a treasure trove of bargains & interesting finds! We have had particular success in repurposing picture frames for various projects in the studio, as well as taking advantage of their 25 cent days on all women’s clothing!! (Monday’s if you are interested)



Product Spotlight: Daycare Windows

Do you run a daycare or preschool facility? Do you have street-facing windows?

Would you like increased privacy for your children & staff? Would you like to take advantage of the marketing value that your windows may provide?

SpeedPro Centreville can provide the solutions to your questions and more!

As with any clinic, Dr’s office or in this particular case, daycare center, especially when located in a strip mall, you may have the problem of how to utilize your windows. How can you show off your brand and promote your services, but also retain a clean look without the hassle of curtains or dangerous blinds?

With a Vinyl window treatment from SpeedPro Centreville, it is easy to:

  • Increase the privacy of infants & children in your care.
  • Safety of staff members at closing time.
  • Maximize advertising space.

tintTinted or mirrored window treatments seem like a good idea and is great during daytime until it gets dark when the light from inside will overcome the tint and leave everyone and everything inside in full view. Even tints with an extra layer to help this night time issue rely on light density and benefit from external spotlights to be effective.


OPTION 1: Perforated Vinyl Film

perf example


This material will provide sun control, provide an image externally but the ability for those inside to still have some visibility through the material.



OPTION 2: Vinyl Wrap

While giving 100% privacy of no one being able to see in – there is also no light or visibility out.

side window


OPTION 3: The Ultimate Solution

A partial window covering of vinyl up to an example height of 5 feet. This allows light to enter through the upper portion of the window but has either a frosting or image to block up to the desired height.



In summary, although there are certainly no requirements to have your windows covered, it is surely beneficial to provide a minimum covering to ensure a level of comfort for everyone using the facility. There are also instances where there are external activities that you may want to shield those inside from.

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