We are having another Studio Drop in


Following the success of our first Valentines themed drop-in (see the pictures here) we will be having more local businesses bring in some samples of their food & drink, music & a relaxed atmosphere where you can ask questions, see examples & leave with ideas, & maybe even a prize or two!

Show up on the day or RSVP through our Eventbrite link; https://stpatricksdaydropin.eventbrite.com


Realty – It’s not a job, but a lifestyle

If you live, eat & breath real estate then you know the benefits of establishing your brand; generating leads is more than placing a listing online – it’s about networking, sharing your success rate, & showing your clients how you add value to their experience.

  • Did you know? A wrapped vehicle can reach up to 80,000 impressions A WEEK! So set yourself apart from the crowd with a creative design & the recognition will follow.
  • Having a booth at local events & expos will give you increased exposure to future clients, show that you are an active community member & remain on the top of everyone’s minds when it comes to deciding on an agent.
  • Know your audience & utilize signage that works to attract the types of buyers you are looking for – classy, understated signs for 8 figure equestrian properties to loud & eye-catching banners & directional signage for quick turnaround open houses. Having a range of toppers to add to your standard signs will help give unique ‘calls to action’ for each of your listings.
  • Other signs to add to your arsenal would be large feather banners to grab attention from the road that there is an open house going on, as well as informational indoor signage that reiterates contact information or next steps for those interested.

Realtor Flyer

If you would like to discuss how we can enhance your current signage call us 703-686-4671.

Product Spotlight: Daycare Windows

Do you run a daycare or preschool facility? Do you have street-facing windows?

Would you like increased privacy for your children & staff? Would you like to take advantage of the marketing value that your windows may provide?

SpeedPro Centreville can provide the solutions to your questions and more!

As with any clinic, Dr’s office or in this particular case, daycare center, especially when located in a strip mall, you may have the problem of how to utilize your windows. How can you show off your brand and promote your services, but also retain a clean look without the hassle of curtains or dangerous blinds?

With a Vinyl window treatment from SpeedPro Centreville, it is easy to:

  • Increase the privacy of infants & children in your care.
  • Safety of staff members at closing time.
  • Maximize advertising space.

tintTinted or mirrored window treatments seem like a good idea and is great during daytime until it gets dark when the light from inside will overcome the tint and leave everyone and everything inside in full view. Even tints with an extra layer to help this night time issue rely on light density and benefit from external spotlights to be effective.


OPTION 1: Perforated Vinyl Film

perf example


This material will provide sun control, provide an image externally but the ability for those inside to still have some visibility through the material.



OPTION 2: Vinyl Wrap

While giving 100% privacy of no one being able to see in – there is also no light or visibility out.

side window


OPTION 3: The Ultimate Solution

A partial window covering of vinyl up to an example height of 5 feet. This allows light to enter through the upper portion of the window but has either a frosting or image to block up to the desired height.



In summary, although there are certainly no requirements to have your windows covered, it is surely beneficial to provide a minimum covering to ensure a level of comfort for everyone using the facility. There are also instances where there are external activities that you may want to shield those inside from.

Call us on 703-686-4671 for a no-obligation estimate.

Office Space – The benefits of a makeover

Happy employees are loyal employees, and retaining talent should be a top priority for any business; we look into the easiest ways that owners can build a dependable workforce…

  1. Morale

When your workforce is spending an average of 5 out of 7 days of the week at work, the environment they are in makes a huge impact on their happiness and therefore productivity and retention. Just by having a break room with some fun graphics or wall decor, will help feelings of appreciation that they have a somewhere to take a timeout.

Wall graphic

  1. Motivation

If you have a lack of square footage, this can be overcome with the clever use of a wall mural – giving employees a change of scenery and especially uplifting in any space that doesn’t have a window and is short on natural light.

It has been shown in various studies that the presence of live plants on a desk or in an office increases happiness and productivity! Also, other personal touches at individuals’ desks, e.g. desk lamps, pictures, & personalized mouse pads are great ways of feeling engaged in the workplace. Here at SpeedPro Centreville, we each have our own favorite quote on the studio wall.

wall graphics

  1. Money

Not only are employees impacted by your place of business but also potential customers, business partners, and even job candidates – first impressions always count!

Show off your company’s style with a well-placed logo; which can come in any material, size or finish – and even if there are restrictions on what you can do with the inside (or outside) of the building in terms of signage or window displays, SpeedPro Centreville is sure to have the solution for you!

About us photo

Email us now at marketingcentreville@speedpro.com to start your office makeover today!

Why Your Business Needs Yard Signs

To use my favorite yard sign quote…

“Don’t let another client get away – install a Yard Sign TODAY!”

Yard - Copy

Let us help you make a Great. Big. Impact with a low cost/high result yard sign for your business or event.

They are so versatile they are used from political campaigns to charity events. Printed on waterproof plastic board, you can stick them almost anywhere, year round. Completely reusable and easy to move and transport. You can order them in any shape, color or size depending on their purpose.

Advertise while you are working with attention grabbing signage, reaching walkers, joggers, delivery drivers and more. Increasing your name recognition and giving you a general boost of awareness. Not only are they are hugely cost effective due to the inexpensive materials, the Return on Investment is high, as they generate more warm leads as the prospect sees that their neighbor chose you.

Consistency is key, combine them with your other marketing strategies and in a perfect world have them match your existing branding style.

SpeedPro Yard Sign

Use appropriate sized lettering, easy to read fonts, a minimal color scheme – less is more! Contact us at marketingcentreville@speedpro.com for more information about your next batch of Yard Signs.

P.S. Always remember to use best practices when placing your signs, and check your local ordinances for rules and permit information.!